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This blog will keep you posted on the MUST SEES and MUST HAVES to be the most beautiful, independent DREAMGIRL you can be!

Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Cooking and Culture will show you how to live a stylish, healthy and lovable life.

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Best Pizza Napoletana at SOUL KITCHEN

I am in love with fluffy pizza! So are you?

Then you have to try out Soul Kitchen. It’s not only the fluffiest pizza I have ever eaten, it is also special in its ingredients. I promise you have never had theses special combinations on your pizza. It is dared but soooo yummy!

The owner and the service always show themselves from their best side and bring you into a modern Italian world full of pizza!

If you are into trying out new things, you will enjoy this one!


Fraunhoferstr. 27 A, 80469 München


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