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Prepare it to wear it 

Healthy, yummy cooking is a mystery to you? 


My homemade lunches I was posting on Instagram were becoming so popular, that I received recipe requests on a daily basis. People were astonished by how nutritious, yet delicious my meals looked and were inspired to be more creative in the kitchen themselves. During this time, I didn’t have any recipes written up, as everything I cooked was freestyle.


In two months I created this fashion illustrated cookbook using the Instagram pictures and recipes I have been cooking for the past year. I designed the “Prepare it to Wear it Collection” based on color and shape of the food. It is designed and handmade in Germany.


During this process, the fun idea of “Prepare it to wear it” became so much more than just a cookbook. It became my mantra and my goal. The profits from this book will help finance my dream of creating my own fashion label with the concept LUXSTAINABLE-À-PORTER, a sustainable yet luxurious Prêt-à-Porter label for women. 

I hope you will enjoy this cookbook as much as I loved making it and

support my dream of establishing my own fashion label. 

Deckblatt VORNE.jpg
Trulyyours, JE.png

more fashion ILLUSTRATIONS on Instagram

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