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Mysterious Musts in Mallorca

Everyone thinks they know Mallorca, its clichés and its party scene. But actually they don’t! The mysterious island Mallorca has so much more to discover! First of all you should visit the beautiful Ports such as PORTOCOLOM, PORTOPETRO or PORT ADRIANO to take a look at the cute boats, yachts and the sunsets.

My absolute favourite part to discover this island is by boat. You can go around the whole island and be surprised at every bay. You will get a completely different view on everything- that’s for sure! Those turquoise coasts and private beaches around PORTOCOLOM are one for the books!

Then you should definitely rent a car and drive up to the north of the island. The landscape changes and the “jungle-like” atmosphere will bring you joy! The planned pit stop should be in SOLLÉR, first a quick city tour and after a nice drive up on the hill to watch the sun shining on the port, reflecting on the yachts and breathe in the romantic end of the day.

The second mysterious Must do is the beach restaurant CA’S PATRÓ MARCH In CALLA DEÍS. The view is incredible and the Seafood just amazing! THIS feels like vacation.

What I really want to try out next time is the Hotel CA‘S XORC...Make sure to make reservation on time! Just looking at the restaurant located at the pool makes me drool! If you are on a romantic getaway S’ON TERASSA in FELANTIX will serve you the Dinner to remember! The best food with the most beautiful sunset view.

You still want to get to know a little bit of culture and all about wine history? No problem! Go to BODEGA BINIAGUL and make a tour around their astonishing vineyard. Learn not only about their little village and wine culture but get a taste of everything yourself! Try all of their different wines and crave the yummy tapas for a decent price!

A trip to Palma obviously can’t be missed! Go to Café CAPPUCCINO PALUA MARCH and enjoy the people watching on their lovely terrace right in old town. Now the shopping trip can start! Visit all the lovely little boutiques with the Spanish charm. To end the exhausted shopping day you should spend your evening around CARRER DE COTONER! Aperitivo at CAOBA, Dinner at BUSCANDO EL NORTE. And with luck you will be enchanted by musicians with sombreros giving you the little spanish kick! Also you should try out the restaurant PATRON LUNARES CANTINA. The street corner restaurant with tapas, mussels, burger and bao is perfect for colder days to enjoy inside!

And for tanning you should splash around CALA MESQUIDA, a big beach with turquoise water or lay at the small bay at CALA VARQUES to feel the cool beautiful water. CALA LOMBARDS meets the middle of both beaches sizewise and has a cute little beach bistro, where you can slurp your Sangria!

Mystery solved. You’re in need for a long weekend in Mallorca!


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